CreditNexus is committed to making home ownership a reality for people of all credit scores.

I started with a low 500 credit score and this company did all of my disputing and helped me to get new credit to upgrade my scores with new active credit the price is very fair and not over priced. The service was very good. I will recommend this company to everybody and anybody who is in need of getting their credit up to date it is very worth it.


The process increased my lowest credit score by 120 points, resulting in a lower prime interest rate on our refinance which will save us over THOUSAND$ over the life of our loan. The whole process was absolutely painless and took about 45 days. The Task and Milestones were a very intuitive feature, it kept us on track through the whole process


CreditNexus advised me on my credit repair options. Reviewed my credit report and made suggestions on what steps to take to remove items that were in error. My counselor guided and explained to me how to making wise credit decisions. This is still an ongoing process but I now have the knowledge and tools I need. They handle my situation with professionalism.


They gave me guidance on how to manage my credit and sanitized the inaccurate information being reported. I had a lot of medical that was not right and needed to be deleted. This system did that. Loved that I could access my account from my phone. I will continue to refer my friends and family to CreditNexus because I’m living proof that the program works!


Time took 90 days to clean up my credit. CreditNexus advised me to create secure credit cards and I did through the ones they suggested; easy and reported within 30 days to all three Bureaus. My advisor helped me settle the remaining owed debt pennies on the dollar. The collection company’s I paid are not coming back due to they agreed to the settlement.


Great program and group of people (and they understand your situation)! I really liked the daily update I received keeping me informed of my action plan that my advocate created for me. It was a lot of work but now that I have finished and had such good results it was well worth it. I would recommend to anyone needing help with their credit.


THIS WORKS!!!! Have three clients that in less than two months are ready to buy their new home!!! They paid a deposit of $500.00 and they get that credited back to them at closing! It’s refundable if they can’t help! Contact Scott Parsons with questions at 614-345-8116! YOU CAN BE A HOMEOWNER!!! Be sure to tell him I sent you!!!

Donna Mathias

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